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Why Stephen Hawking is an Inspiration to us all

The Late Prof. Hawking was an embodiment of grace. Though he suffered from a Motor neuron disease which left him in a wheelchair for almost 42 years with almost everybody part paralysed, he was one of the smartest minds of our time. He ignored what he did not have & just focused on what he did have & what he could do to help people like him.

He embodied the importance of taking obstacles in one’s stride- His disease & condition actually changed his outlook towards life. He only learnt to talk at 3 years old, read at 8 years old but Prof. Hawking had a natural flair for Mathematics. But upon finding out that his University College didn’t offer Maths, Hawking jumped straight into a degree in Physics. After finishing his undergraduate degree, he decided to study Cosmology at Cambridge University.

He was well known & well respected as a theoretical physicist and cosmologist. He worked through his brain, used eye movements, his Voice Text speech synthesiser & a small computer fixed on his wheelchair. He continually gave his best to the fields of cosmology and quantum gravity, especially black holes, theorem of general relativity amongst others.

He also won numerous awards, medals, and prizes worldwide for his scientific prowess. Wanting to share his life with the world, he released two autobiographies, wrote more than 15 books, was awarded 12 honorary degrees and even had the title of Commander of the British Empire.

He reminds us that will power and courage is really what anyone needs to make a difference in the world.

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