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The new year is here! Many people have already set resolutions for the year but for those who have not, this article has been written to provide a guide to setting an effective career resolution in 2019. The importance of this resolution cannot be overemphasized because to make it in your career, there are certain things you have to put in place to pave the way to success.

You might have a goal to get promoted in the new year but there happens to be a habit that keeps hindering you from that goal, let’s run down some of the tips you will need to set effective career resolutions. The following need to be considered:

  • Reflect: First you would need to reflect on the past year and how it went career wise, ask yourself “was it a good year? Did I make my mark? How was my attitude towards work? Did I get things done on time? What about procrastination? Consider these while pondering on what you could have done to make it better.
  • S.M.A.R.T Goals: To get your career resolution in check, you need to consider how far you want to go in the new year with your career then set some smart goals that aim to elevate you. S.M.A.R.T is popularly known as the bedrock to setting your goals. It simply suggests that your goal should be SPECIFIC and straight to the point, it should MEASURABLE and easily trackable for the period of time you want it to last, it should be ACHIEVABLE and not unreasonable with the resources available, it must be RELEVANT which simply means it must set the agenda of making you better in your career and finally it is must be TIME sensitive with a time limit so it does not prolong into another year.
  • Speak to your superiors: Most times, you might not be certain of what you need to do to make yourself better in your career path and that is what superiors are there for. They assess the work you do on a day-to-day basis so they will also have effective ideas to offer to guide you on making your career resolutions.
  • Discard Bad Habits: Everyone is guilty of having that one bad habit that impedes them from being the best they can be. It can be procrastination, lack of punctuality, fear, Laziness, a poor dress ethic etc., in order to achieve your career resolutions, you need to do away with every bad habit. In fact, it can be a resolution to stop these bad habits to make sure you attain your goals and make it in your career.
  • Focus on the positives: When creating resolutions, it is best advised to focus on how you can achieve them rather ponder on how it might not be possible. Avoid self-sabotage and look more at the positive side of things.

Setting a career resolution largely depends on you so whatever you decide to set as a resolution, do well to make sure that it is for your career betterment. We hope that this year, you begin to conquer all your career goals and excel accordingly. Happy New Year.

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