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Be Reliable- to build effective business relationships, one must always be reliable and not just some of the time. This means you can be trusted to get the job done, meet deadlines, keep your word and provide consistent quality work.  With excellent performance, organization and follow-through on tasks you develop positive working relationships with team members and even clients.

Communicate with confidence- Getting the work done silently but shying away from speaking up and speaking often is a deterrent to an effective business relationship. You must be able to communicate your ideas honestly and clearly respecting the views and opinions of others on the team. Clear, effective communication done constructively and respectfully is the key to fostering solid relationships.

Go the extra mile- While getting the work done and doing your fair share is expected of the average individual, but a great business mind knows that taking risks, stepping outside comfort zones, and bringing something extra to the table is what it’ll take to get ahead. Taking on more responsibilities and extra initiative sets you apart from others on the team.

Adapt quickly and easily- sitting passively on the side-lines waiting to see change happen will not build any relationship. To build business relationships, you must adapt to changing situations and often drive positive change yourself.  You must be flexible in finding your feet in whatever is thrown at you without getting stressed or complaining.

Display genuine commitment- To build an effective business relationship, you must be willing to place value first. Take the time to make positive work relationships with clients and other team members a priority and display a genuine passion and commitment towards them. Ensure to put the team’s objectives above yours and take the initiative to get things done without waiting to be asked. In return you will build positive perception, gain more visibility, and develop influential connections to get ahead in your career.

Celebrate the success of others– one of the easiest ways to build authentic business relationships is to give credit where it’s due. Be quick to point out the contributions of others and not crave for the spotlight at every opportunity. You must share credit, emphasize team over self, and define success collectively rather than individually.

Be a Team Player- a team player is able to build effective business relationships. You must respectfully consider the viewpoints and ideas of other people. When you hear someone saying something you don’t initially agree with, keep from interrupting and don’t let your mind prepare any counter remarks. Just listen, and consider what they’re saying.  A good team player will back off an idea when it becomes clear it’s not the right path. If you believe strongly that your team is making a mistake, you can find a way to come back to the issue when the time is right, but out rightly shutting down the opinion of others is not a quality of a good team player.

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