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Tips for working smarter and maximizing time in the workplace

Does it feel like 24 hours is not enough to get the job done? Are you constantly missing deadlines and targets?

Do those feelings sound familiar? Here are 3 tips we think will help you maximize your time better and achieve more results at work.


Structure Your Day- The wealthiest entrepreneurs know that having some structure to your schedule creates a routine of success. Planning is essential to working smarter. Carve out a routine, for instance; wake up, work out, eat breakfast, answer emails, phone calls, block out time for actual planning and work, check your email again, phone calls again, then be done for the day. Whatever suits your schedule is fine. Structure makes you a smart entrepreneur & worker.


Prioritize- When you have your task for the week well outlined. It’s important to place what’s most important first. Give priority to what comes firsts. Your boss gave you a deadline, you should worry more about that than a task you have 2 months to fulfill.


Turn Off Your Smartphones (sometimes) – We live in the digital world and as much as we think we can handle it, most times our phones are major distractions to getting things done. So just for a few hours during work hours, place it on silent mode & get the work done!

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