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A Curriculum Vitae is the first unofficial pitch to a prospective employer. It is the marketing document used to ‘’sell’’ yourself. It should, therefore, convey your personal and professional details in the best light possible. There is no clear-cut way in writing a CV but here are a few tips:


  • It should be in a chronological order- Information on your CV should be arranged from the most recent activity to the least recent. This makes it easy to read and follow. It is also important to make the most of every experience clearly stating the roles and its description.


  • Clear and concise- Words used should not be vague or confusing. Action words are preferable when talking about your experience. Points should be itemised or bullets can be used to separate interests. It ordinarily should not be more than two pages, some experts say you should be able to write your CV on one page


  • Don’t be generic- It is important to always tailor your CV to meet the particular industry you are applying to as skills, competencies and experiences required differ from one industry to the other.


  • Avoid errors- Errors should be avoided at all costs. Time and effort should be put when putting together your CV. Look out for grammatical and typographical errors as this might be a major turn off for a prospective employer.


  • Keep it updated- It is imperative to always update your CV.

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