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Olawale is a graduate of Petroleum and Petrochemical Sciences from TASUED, Tai Solarin University of Education. His journey to entrepreneurship started when he was in school. His first business was at a coaching centre in Abeokuta, Ogun State in Nigeria. Although the business failed, that setback did not stop him from moving towards his goals. He tried his hand again, this time, running a vocational training program with over 3,600 students in 2012.

“Once I had a taste of success, there was no turning back. Starting and running businesses became my turf and all I had to do was build more capacity. I always believed opportunities would come to those who were most prepared so I put in the hard work even when no one noticed,” he says.

Olawale is the CEO and MD of a property investment group in Nigeria, LandWey Investment. LandWey is a real estate development and management company turning over $14 million per year. It started with just five employees. Today, they employ 42 full-time staff, 370 realtors and 16,000 consultants. Prior to founding LandWey Groups, Olawale worked as Head, Business Development, Creativity and Strategy at Eagles Insight and Innovations, and the Co-founder of Nigerian Property Investments group, a real estate platform for Nigerian in the diaspora. He has amassed over a decade worth of wealth of experience within the Nigerian business industry during which he has overseen transactions with combined values of over $200 million. Mr Olawale has also worked as a business strategist with Eagles Group (E.G.) and has expended most of his career in Business Development, Innovations & Strategy.

He is an alumnus of Lagos Business School, Harvard Business School and sits on the board of over 10 highly profiled businesses. As an advocate of social enterprise, Olawale is an active member of Sponsors for Young Growing Business Association; a Pan African based organization comprising a network of leading African professionals in challenging career paths such as real estate, online businesses and more. He also serves as the President of Nigerian Advocates for Positive Change and is also a Senior Director at Beyond School Initiative Organization.


He is listed in the business category of Forbes Africa under 30, Class of 2018.

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