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The clouds are clear, the sun is out, there is a light breeze, you are feeling good and there’s a small get together with friends at some location but the only problem with this perfect scenario of a day is you have no idea what to wear? Not to be alarmed, it happens to the best of us and the solution is here. Summer is upon us so that means a lot of heat and humidity. Even with our bipolar weather in Nigeria, one thing is for sure the heat would still persist. In light of this, it is time to dress appropriately for the weather and still make your friends wonder if you become someone else overnight.

You do not have to break the bank to look good or be stylish, the most elegant pairing of budget-friendly clothes would help you achieve the same purpose for less. Starting with the ladies, its best to go very light this season. Dressing light doesn’t mean wearing unflattering outfits, it simply means choosing cotton over polyester and other sweat drenching fabrics. First on this style tip is investing in a white outfit. White is a cool colour that doesn’t absorb heat and it is best to go with a free white dress that accentuates your incredible shoulders, wide brim hat (for the sun) paired with sandals for easy stylish comfort. Working with colour is a necessity for summer so you can incorporate it in whatever way you wish with your wardrobe. An advice would be to get a bright coloured high waist palazzo pant paired with a cotton halterneck crop top for a casual day out. Tapping into your sporty chic side is necessary this summer and it would involve you getting a tracksuit set and pairing them with heels and it is assured to have everyone in the room staring at you.

The guys are not left out in this style tip. Men are more laid back this season and it is required that they take more style risks even in the comfort of the season. First on the style tip would be GET SHORTS! They never hurt no one and they are a very comfortable option to handle the summer heat. Some guys still need to warm up to the idea of wearing shorts so it would be best to pair it with a rolled up long sleeve shirts with low sneakers preferably Adidas Stan Smiths. If shorts are still not your forte, an ankle length loose pant would be a better option. Show off a little bit off ankle by pairing them with low sneakers or loafers (no socks or no-show socks) and a tropical short sleeve shirt or a coloured body-hugging polo or a simple white t-shirt to add that desired pop. Working with colour also applies to men this season and pink is a colour not to shy away from, get that pink short sleeve shirt and pair them with your slim fit acid wash jeans and loafers. Men should also invest in some accessories like a pair of good fitting sun shades or bracelets and rings or a simple statement wristwatch to add that little extra oomph that an outfit would need.

Summer style is more casual because the weather permits it but being casual can also be very stylish if you take our style tips into focus and up your fashion game this summer and it is certain that people would be smiling when they see you walking in.


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