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Startup Profile: SKRINAD

Just how rewarding can an idle phone be? SkrinAd, the brainchild of Jimmy Babatunde, Olukayode Adebiyi, and Omololu Oduyoye, intends to pay users for multimedia content displayed on their idle phone screens.

Launched on July 1, 2017, the mobile app generates interest-based analytics for content owners, and rewards users with points and incentives for content downloaded and viewed.

After downloading the mobile application and creating a user account, you start receiving multimedia content — such as images, videos, web links, Ads, etc — when your phone is idle. For every content downloaded using SkrinAds, you get rewarded with points — which can be used for airtime purchase, bills payment, or converted to cash.

But flashing content intermittently over one’s phone screen could be quite distracting. Fully aware of this, the team claims users can set multimedia content received to their own preference or even activate automatic dismissal of content — and return their phone to its original standby state.

While SkrinAd pays users to see an advert, it also refunds advertisers when an advert is considered not seen. One of the team members, Olukayode claims they deploy advanced AI to offer intelligent forecast and precise real-time data feeds to advertisers for ultimate results.

For more information on how SkrinAd works, visit the website.

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