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Startup Profile: MYOWNSHOP

myownshop describes itself as a creative lifestyle store that provides Nigerians with t-shirts, mugs, and framed wall art designs. Stanley, Henry and David Ezeokeke established the online platform to basically inspire creativity in the minds of its users, both home and abroad.

Being people-centered, the platform aims to give its users that feeling of ownership. Hence customers have the opportunity to design to taste, their preferred products.  This probably contributed to what inspired the name — myownshop

Since its inception on July 1, 2017, the platform positions itself as the lead in this creative space. Hence, it recognises no competitors. Although myownshop’s work model is similar to most eCommerce platforms, the distinguishing factor is its design features. After users undergo the regular registration process, they proceed to design to taste their chosen product — t-shirts, mugs or framed wall art — and then check out.

To further ignite the interest of users, the team promises that any activity on the platform will bring an exciting experience all the way.

You may proceed to grab any of the exciting products offered on the website.

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