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Technological Advancement and our current digital world have elevated the demands of the 21st century job market, employers now desire potential employees that would add value to their company/firm/organization and be able to hold their own in this era of robotics and artificial intelligence. A wide range of specialised knowledge and skills are now the basic requirements for employment today.

In order to make your CV stand out amongst the many that would have been submitted, harnessing these skills are a necessity. The first skill on the list is Computer Literacy. This skill has transcended from the common knowledge of Microsoft office and has become a skill that requires you to be conversant with technology, applications and software. You have to be able to adapt to whatever upgrade the company would engage in and use the software effectively. Learning advanced computer skills with specialized software tailored to different fields would go a long way to boost your chances on your application.

Problem-Solving is another skill that is highly savoured by employers in this century. They want you to be able to give proffer effective feedback when complex problems arise in the company. They require you to be able to understand how things work and any feedback from you has to be constructive and critical for the betterment of the company and not otherwise.

Being creative has risen to become a skill that sets potential employees apart but it has surpassed just being creative to Being Innovative. Nowadays, everyone can be creative but employers want people who are able to bring new ideas to realization.  Companies of nowadays are prepared to surpass their competition and want employees who can innovate new effective ways to make that happen.

The ability to Work Well with Others and ensure Team Work is a skill that employers in this century cherish. Companies have quite a number of employees and they would employ someone who is capable of fostering a good relationship with his/her fellow colleagues to get the work done. Emotional maturity is needed in this case whereby the work is the work and it’s not affected by any inferior feelings from staff.

Another skill to possess is the ability to Adapt in the workplace. Employers look for potential employees that can work anywhere they are put. These employees have to be able to take up assignments that their skill does not call for, able to learn on the job, handle stressful situations and be fully effective even in these situations and provide new methods to achieve spontaneous tasks.

A final skill that has become rampant in this century is the Use of Social Media. The incredible benefits of social media to a company has made employers consider the skill as a prerequisite for employment. Social media can be used for networking, marketing and communicating with clients so companies make sure to leverage it to their advantage so if you come with credible reports of a strong social media presence or the knowledge of how to effectively use social media, it is an added advantage to getting you employed.

These are a few important skills out of the many that employers make prerequisites for employment and if you are able to harness these skills, your next job interview would be a breeze.

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