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Almost everyone has that story of settling for a job role way different from what they originally studied in school. Sometimes it’s the economic situation and at times, passion takes its toll on us. We want to know everyone’s success and hustle story through the #HowDidIGetHere campaign.

The How Did I Get Here campaign seeks to highlight the various stories of people that are in different fields stating the exact moment they knew a new career path had begun for them and how passionately they have committed to the chosen career.

’We realize that most of us as individuals access our true purpose and passion by accident. Many of us at first are certain we have found the singular thing that we are meant to do only to get into the world to discover something different awaits us. These experiences shape us and give us the clarity we need to test new waters. It is on this foundation the campaign rests– Dave Uduanu (MD, Sigma Pensions Limited).

Interested participants are to share their stories in video form by uploading it on their social media platforms, tagging and following Sigma Pensions using #HowDidIGetHere and they stand a chance to win a Samsung Note 8.

To stand a chance to win, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Follow @Sigmapensions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  2. Post your #HowDidIGetHere video on your social media pages
  3. Tag @sigmapensions and use #HowDidGetHere

We would repost your videos.

  1. Urge your friends to follow Sigma Pensions, like and comment on your video on our page.

The participant with the highest engagement wins.

NB-Only participants who follow @sigmapensions will qualify for the challenge.

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