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Sigma Pensions in collaboration with Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN) organized the Ready.Set.Boss Campaign for Corp members. Given our keen interest in promoting financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work readiness, in 2019, we partnered with JAN to start a campaign targeted at 250 NYSC Corp members. The campaign featured:-

A 3-day Career Success seminar which included intensive Career Success Session, F.I.R.E (Financial Independence Retire Early) Sessions held in (Lagos, Ibadan, Enugu and Abuja) and “Be Entrepreneurial” (BE) session. Corps members were trained on complete BE Program modules, Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship skills to be properly equipped to teach the Junior Achievement programs in secondary schools.
NYSC Members who registered with the Ready.Set.Boss program were assigned to schools to teach the “JAN BE” program as a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.
A career fair hosted by Sigma Pensions alongside other corporate organizations, for internships and job opportunities in Lagos, Ibadan, Enugu and Abuja.
Personal Project Plan competition in line with the 17 Strategic Development Goals.
4 winners emerged and won funds to implement their Personal Community Development Project as well as mentoring opportunities from Sigma Pensions.

We would like to introduce you to one of the four winners, Samuel Egbedeyi and his project: “MODERN RAINWATER HARVESTING SYSTEM PROJECT AT AKAMA, AMOJI COMMUNITY OF ENUGU STATE:

Samuel Egbedeyi is a First-Class Honors graduate of Chemistry from the University of……. He was posted to Enugu State, as part of his National Youth Service. His reg/call up number is ……… He is a native of Ibadan in Oyo State and his place of primary assignment is at the Coal City University, where he works as a Graduate Teaching Assistant co-lecturing courses on Organic and Structural Chemistry.

In January 2020, Sigma Pensions sponsored the Ready.Set.Boss Campaign and NYSC members were required to submit a community development project plan in line with the 17 Strategic Development Goals (SDG). The winners stood a chance to win cash prizes to fund these projects and gain mentoring opportunities from Sigma Pensions.

Over 180 entries were received and Samuel Egbedeyi representing Enugu State, emerged winner in the East. He commenced his project on May 12, 2020, it was completed & commissioned on the 8th of July 2020.

Amorji community like most parts of Enugu state is faced with a severe inadequate supply of potable water and depends mainly on a few wells and water from Nike lake which is about 2km away. Efforts have been made by several NGOs as well the State government to address this issue by drilling boreholes. However, most of those projects failed due to the low underground water and large coal deposit in Enugu State. As a result, Samuel thought of addressing the problem in a different, sustainable, and relatively cheaper way which is through a “Modern Rainwater harvesting system”, in line with the United Nations SDG number 6 which is to ensure availability of clean water for all.

The project is a Modern Rainwater Harvesting System and consists of a fully tiled 20,000-liter underground reservoir, a 1,000 gallon overhead tank and 4 tap water outlets. A water collector was mounted on the roof of the community town hall which is used to harvest the water and sent through a filtration unit before sending it into the underground reservoir.

This project has provided members of the community access to clean water, reducing the time spent in the search for potable water. We are optimistic that this Modern Rainwater Harvesting System will also promote good health and reduce the spread of water-borne diseases.

Sigma Pensions worked very closely with Mr. Samuel and not only did he work diligently, he also demonstrated a high level of commitment, ingenuity and most importantly passion for contributing positively to the welfare of over 2,500 Nigerians residing in the community.


Samuel is devoted to helping provide lasting solutions to existing and future human health challenges. He hopes to achieve this by focusing on a research-oriented career in Academia. His goal is to obtain a PhD. in Medicinal Chemistry from a renowned University within the next 6 years. In his words and we quote;

“I seek to contribute to my profession and the society by cultivating an interest in Chemistry and solution-based research in new generation students in Nigeria, rendering selfless service to the community and most importantly giving my all to research to unlock more of the great potentials of Chemistry in making human lives healthier”.

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