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With the recent rise in cryptocurrency, it does not come as a surprise to see various companies creating various ways to jump on the trend. The bitcoin has been so popular amongst cryptocurrencies for its tremendous value and it is becoming a widely encouraged source of investment. This digital currency has created a framework that other cryptocurrencies have emulated and an example of one cryptocurrency that can be very much likened to the bitcoin is Nimses.

Nimses is “A worldwide system which records and saves the time of a human being’s life” that is geared to be a global treasury of human value. A newly established mobile app existing on both Ios and Android platforms, Nimses is a location-based application that pays you digital coins called nims for every minute you spend in a day. They are bringing to reality the saying “Time is money” by paying their users 1 nim for every minute in the day and after 24 hours, the user automatically receives 1440 nims and each month the user gets an automatic 43,830 nims for every minute in one month. In this era of social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where online content would gather likes and comments that are intangible, Nimses features a social networking aspect where its users can posts pictures and get nims instead of likes so users get wealthier by receiving nims for their posts.

The system does not require any monetary input from its users. They can just sign up and begin to earn nims passively. Every user gets to store their nims in a virtual wallet called Nimbs which cannot be accessed by anyone else. Unlike its predecessor the bitcoin, Nims cannot be exchanged for dollars or other currencies or accepted as a legal tender just yet but they have an online store called Nimses Goods where users can go and buy items with their nims or sell items for nims from other app users. Soon they intend to feature a means to download your favourite artist’s track with nims just like apple music or Spotify and with time they want to make nims more viable for other transactions like getting a coffee or booking a trip.

The Nimses app has officially come to Nigeria and a question lingers in our heads which is “Would this app work in Nigeria?” The authenticity of the app is not to question but the scepticism of Nigerians is in question here. After the demise of the MMM scheme, Nigerians have been threading lightly with anything that sounds too good to be true and this app, unfortunately, falls in that category. Even though with this app, they do not need to input any money to make money, the thought of an eventual demise of the app is enough to change their minds concerning it.

Not to dismiss this incredible idea of making money by just living but let us know in the comments below if you would think otherwise and you would downloading this app.


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