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Launched in 2017, this application to foster simplified online payments and airtime payment solution for digital content providers. Monapay is owned by Hugo Obi, the Chief Executive Officer of Maliyo Games, a Nigerian based company creating casual mobile games to share the experiences of everyday Africans.

The application was created for their mobile game users who were reluctant to enter credit card information, which was necessary to use their services. The rationale was that it might be easier to pay for digital products using airtime than undergoing the stress of using credit/debit cards.

The app put into consideration its youthful audience and this was considered in customizing the icons. It has a youthful mascot, timeless logo, simplified app screens and an adaptive website, tested to convey the ease of payment.

Using the app is easy as all you have to do is create an account on the website, Add Products and then integrate and earn.

Just before December saw its last days, Monapay won ₦2 million from Access Bank’s fintech event, Disrupt Africa. We’re guessing the panel must have seen the potential this start-up wields. For all we know, it could birth a revolution of ensuring further adoption card less payments, especially since conversation around getting rid of ATM cards has been on-going recently.

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