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Loving a 9am – 5pm job: The tips and tricks

Every job has its peaks and valleys but it’s how you handle them that really matters. If it was left to everyone, we will be at home sleeping while the money flows into the account but in the absence of such a ” reality”, we have to find a way to enjoy the 9am – 5pm job and we are going to explain in detail these tips and tricks. Loving a 9am – 5pm job is all in your mindset because if you choose to complain every day or just resent waking up in the morning to go to work, you might not find any reason to love your job.

The following tips and tricks will help you begin your journey towards a better working experience.

  • Change your mindset: This is the first tip to loving your 9am – 5pm job with ease. You need to identify when you have the negative thoughts concerning your job and flip the switch. Choose to wake up in the morning and speak positivity into the day, be happy to go to the office for another day of learning and improvement. Endeavour to avoid complaining, try to consider your job as more than just another paycheck and focus on making each day better than the last one.
  • Create a vision board: This is a self-motivating trick. It involves you narrowing down your desires and investing your time and energy in the things that truly matter. In the course of your career, there will be several accomplishments that you would want to attain so creating an effective vision board would motivate you every day to continue to work hard till you attain your vision.
  • Grab every opportunity to learn: With a 9am – 5pm job, there would be several opportunities to learn. Make it a task to learn something new every day because this would encourage you to anticipate what would be coming next. In every job, reprimand is unavoidable but it is best to accept reprimand with an open mind to learn from the mistake, internalize and implement. Leveraging every opportunity, you get to learn will make you better at your job and the accolades can begin coming in.


In all honesty, no job is easy and we all have those days when we just want to sleep all through the day but these bills won’t pay themselves. So, it is best to utilize tips and tricks like this to encourage you to love your 9am – 5pm job even more.














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