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As a fresh graduate from the university, most undoubtedly want to find the right job as quickly as possible. But securing that initial step on the career ladder isn’t as easy as you’d hoped.  With the current difficulties in the job market particularly with so many people competing for the same limited positions in the ever-popular creative industries, fresh graduates are left to get innovative in order to cater for their needs.

This is the case of Odumewu Oyinlola Adeyinka, a lawyer turned professional make-up artist. Instead of waiting for opportunity to come knocking after her youth service, she started her own make-up business and she has since been thriving.

The winner of our last concluded #HowDidIGetHere challenge, we had a chat with her and we discussed her business, dreams and challenges.

Interviewer: What is your full name?


Lola: My name is Odumewu Oyinlola Adeyinka


Interviewer: What is the name of your business?


Lola: It’s called Lola Mewu


Interviewer: What Products or service does your business offer?


Lola: I provide professional make-up services to my clients


Interviewer: How long have you been in the business?


Lola: I have been in the business for about 6 years. However, I had to stop at some point but I got back to it this year.


Interviewer: Is your current business an extension of what you studied in school?


Lola: No, It’s not. I studied Law in School.


Interviewer: Wow! What influenced the career swap?

Lola: I wouldn’t call it a career swap per say but I didn’t get a job after my youth service and I got tired of staying at home idle, so I decided to continue with my makeup business.


Interviewer: What are the major challenges you face in your business?


Lola: Currently, I face a lot of challenges. The first would be reaching and retaining new clients as permanent ones. When I started initially in 2013, I had a lot of clients but I had to go on a break because of law school and by the time I came back, it was as if everyone had moved on without me which was very painful at that point.


Secondly, everyone is now makeup artist in Nigeria so it’s really a big challenge for me, because I have to work twice as hard, carve a niche for myself and find a way to stand out and not be tagged as the “many”.


Interviewer: Do you feel fulfilled with your current job role and has this been a rewarding path for you?


Lola: Yes, I feel fulfilled. This path though slow for now is also rewarding but it’s something I enjoy doing


Interviewer: Do you have anyone who inspires you in your industry?

Lola: A lot of people inspire me as my list is quite long. But a few of them are; Olamide Ojo (tints pro), Banke Meshida Lawal (bmpro), Oshewa Beauty, Anitabrows and Sooo Pro Beauty Place.

Interviewer: If not make up, what else would you be doing?

Lola: It would probably be fashion designing. I have always loved creating my own styles even till date

Interviewer: In one sentence, tell us about your service and why people should patronize it?


Lola: I offer professional makeup services ranging covering bridal make-up, photo shoot, Wedding parties and other possible events. People should patronize me because I have numerous years of industry knowledge and this makes me great at what I do as my work stands out from the rest.

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