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Lacking productivity at work? Do more at work with these steps.

This article is specially dedicated to those days when you close from work feeling like you had achieved a lot but in actuality, the work just started, to the days when we write down all your tasks with the hope of avoiding procrastination, just to end up pushing all the tasks to another day and finally to those days when you suddenly lose all form of zeal and productivity, with these steps you are about to read, today will hopefully be the start of a better working experience.

The following steps are steps that are generally considered to help increase productivity but they vary according to different individuals so if any of these do not work for you, find something that works especially something that can be tailored to your schedule and implement it. The steps include;

  • Take a break: Sometimes your mind is just clogged with the amount of work you have to do and the more you keep trying to make it work, there might not be any serious productivity at such a point. When you meet this wall, it is advised to take a break, to clear your mind, boost your concentration and improve your mood. You can listen to some music or take a walk or have some lunch, just do anything to take your mind off the task at hand and when you feel like you have achieved that, you can come back to your work and make progress.
  • Avoid Multitasking: Most people think that multitasking is productive but research by Neuroscience professor Earl K. Miller states that “Multitasking is not humanly possible”. Most people feel they can easily juggle phone calls, presentations, and eating lunch at the same time but it is actually unproductive. You need to focus on one task at a time, you’ll actually end up completing it faster and you can move on to other tasks.
  • Try to avoid Social Media: Social Media has the effect to lure you in and make you forget that you have pending work to settle, it is best to switch off such notifications for the period of time that you want to get the work done or better still switch off your mobile data.
  • Create a To-Do List: At the start of the day, create a to-do list of things you wish to accomplish and set a realistic time frame for each. This would enable you to do more with the time span you have at the office and help you get back on track if there is an impromptu brief that interrupts your process.
  • Develop A System: Every human being has a way that works for them that differs from the norm, you need to find yours and develop it till it becomes a system. It becomes a system when it works to help you be productive and get more done. Once you achieve that you are good to go.

This list is not exhaustive of the several steps that exists but it provides an effective preamble to assist you in the process to becoming more productive in the office.




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