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What is more fun than an entire airline dedicated to the youths? Nothing. With the recent wave of millennial domination, companies and businesses are not slacking when it comes to leveraging the millennial market to their advantage. Whether it is through social media, youth-targeted events, youth outreach, they always find a way to include the millennial market in their business because of the many advantages. Air France absolutely got the memo and created a sister flight called Joon Airlines.

Joon Airlines is an airline targeted at the millennial market. It is a youthful and affordable alternative to existing flight carriers with features that appeal to their target audience. Joon Airlines began operations in July 2017 and took its first flight on the 1st of December 2017. The millennial airline has 14 aircraft and takes short-haul flights to mainly European countries and a few long-haul flights to South Africa, Cairo, Brazil, India, Iran and Seychelles but plans are in place to include long-haul flights to destinations like the America’s, the Middle East and Africa in the summer of 2018.

With local flights starting at just €39 (N 16,380) and international flights at €249 (N 104,580), Joon airlines is a fairly affordable flight for millennials. An impressive feature of this airline is its highly interesting on-air safety video that includes Joon staff in somersaults and fancy dance movements to explain the on-air safety flight instructions and it is quite engaging. Fashion is a big aspect of being a millennial so the cabin crew are dressed in less formal and restrictive outfits and in t-shirts, polos, trousers and Le Coq Sportif white sneakers.

The flight features an economy, premium economy and business class section. For flights within Europe, Joon airlines offer a fine selection of organic coffee and soft drinks free for its economy class and any other meals would have to be paid for. However, in business class, they offer a warm pastry and full meal depending on the time of the day. In intercontinental flights, staying in business class affords you signature cocktails made in collaboration with the Parisian Experimental Cocktail Club Company and a true fine dining experience created by top Michelin-starred chefs. In economy, you get a free complimentary French meal with drinks and wine selected by Paolo Basso (The World’s top sommelier, 2013).

In-flight entertainment on local flights can be viewed on passenger’s phones with complimentary Joon Wi-Fi and a wide selection of movies, TV shows and songs on the YouJoon App is also available. On intercontinental flights, in-flight entertainment can be viewed on the in-seat video screen and with just €15 (N 6,300) you can get the 180° immersive 3D glasses (Virtual Reality googles) for an incredible viewing experience. Noise cancelling headsets are given to business class customers and earbuds are provided to economy class customers which they can take away.
Joon Airlines has really pulled out all the stops to attract their millennial market and with its very youthful approach and features, it feels like they might just reach their target audience and become the savoured airline for millennials. – On air safety video.

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