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If you are not enjoying it, LEAVE

We have gotten so accustomed to ‘’settling’’, holding on to reasons that are so fickle that we forget that we can actually have better. You would ask people “Why are you still working there, if you don’t like it?” they will gladly answer “because the pay is good” or “because I have no other option”.

Being in a job situation that you hate is one of the most demoralizing experiences that a person can face. Today, we give you probable ways to enjoy a job you don’t like, various reasons to leave and what to do after you leave. 


How to deal with or enjoy a job you don’t like


1. Focus on what you like about your work and ramp it up

This will give you the strength to tackle the tough parts.


2. Think about what your current job can lead to

Related to the above is to think about the possibilities that your current job offers. Even if you don’t like it, and plan on moving on, it’s no waste. No matter what, you are getting experience from doing something.

3. Relate and have fun with Co-workers

You might not like your job but it is important to take the time to cultivate relationships with the people at your workplace. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your productivity, playing games and having inside jokes with coworkers is a great way to keep up your morale.


4. Explore finding joy around the edges

Find something you enjoy at work, there’s probably something you can find to enjoy about your workday. Cling to that, it gives you something to look forward to.


5. Do Something You Love While You’re Not Working

Your passions may lie elsewhere, and that’s a big reason why we sometimes have trouble enjoying a job that isn’t going anywhere for us. This is why it’s important to always fuel your interests on the side. This can be a hobby, sport, activity or even side business that is related to what you ultimately want to do.


Do you have to quit every time the going gets tough? Absolutely not! But if all these doesn’t work for you or sway you in, you should just quit then. You should quit when you’ve put everything you’ve got into something, but don’t see a bright future in it. You should quit when your passion is not there and you are not enjoying it at all.


Many of us are not still comfortable and can’t cope with where we are working any longer, because our passion is not there and we are not enjoying it, the next option is for you to quit and follow your passion.


The one who perseveres doesn’t always win. Sometimes life has more to offer when you quit your current job. Yes, we know. It can be overwhelming and scary.


When you are doing something you love and is purposeful, you should push through and give everything you have to it.

When you do something you are really passionate about, you are not in a downward spiral. Before you even start, you can already see the finish line. The more focus you have for something, the faster you’ll reach the finish line.

So, never give up. Keep pushing, keep pressing forward. Your worst days are already behind you.

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