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How To Live A Healthy Life


Want to live a healthy life? The key is not to eat less, it’s to eat right. Starving is not the answer, you must eat healthy foods.

 It might confuse you but, dieting never means starving! Dieting, according to Wikipedia means” the practice of eating food in a regulated and supervised fashion to decrease, maintain, or increase body weight. In other words, it is conscious control or restriction of the diet.” A proper diet and nutrition is the key to live a healthy life. They say, you are what you eat. Eat junk, you become junk. Eat healthy, you become healthy.

You can eat as much as you want, just make sure it’s the good stuff. Food should be treated as body’s fuel. When you eat, your body breaks down foods and the nutrients into simple elements. Energy is released and nutrients are used to help, repair our body cells. Your diet should include more fibers like beans, whole grain, lentils, pears, oatmeal, apples. Include protein rich food (like eggs, pulses, milk, etc.) for breakfast. Avoid added sugars and junkies. Try to eat as much plant-based foods as you can in your diet ie: fruit, vegetables, nuts, juices, natural plant products rather than processed ones etc. Don’t eat less, eat right.

When we are living a lifestyle where our diet is filled with these whole, healthy foods, we don’t need to worry about cutting back and eating less, because they are all good for us.

Have we ever seen someone who only eats fruits and veggies are overweight? No, it’s simply unheard of.

This is because fruits and veggies are good for us – our body needs them. They are healthy and will not make us fat, rather they’ll provide energy and nutrition to our body and keep us fit.

It is generally seen that girls keep on starving themselves, counting calories, and cutting back on their food intake. It is not a healthy way to live. Restricting yourself just leads to bad eating habits and mindsets. Rather starving always proves harmful. You don’t want to have an unhealthy mindset and expect to be healthy.

So, change that mindset of eating less at dinner, or skipping breakfast. Food is good. Food is FUEL. You literally need it, to survive. And as long as you’re eating all the good foods, you’ll live a long and healthy life. So, change your mindset from eating less, and focus on eating more – more of the right foods. It works.

Have plenty of fruits, salad, fresh natural juices, natural soup, sprouts, nuts etc. All these are healthy food which will never harm anyone rather it keeps the body fit.

In order to remain healthy and free from diseases, one should follow the right “Balanced diet”.

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