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When you hear the word investment what comes to your mind? Aside from setting aside money with the hope of getting additional income from it, Investment can also be seen as committing effort or time into something towards getting a better result or an advantaged result. As an individual, how can you invest in yourself to achieve maximum results? We have a few options below:

  1. Read and Study Books

Vital information and strategies are hidden beneath the covers of books. Most successful entrepreneurs and individuals always acknowledge the value books have. Experiences are shared in books, where you can learn from. Books give you the opportunity to learn new things and expose you to places where you’ve never been and ignite creative ideas. Search for informative books in your career path, read and study them. Now audiobooks and eBooks are available for easy access. You can also register on reading platforms and clubs.

  1. Have a Mentor or Coach

In order to achieve great results, having someone who you are accountable to is one way to improve yourself. A mentor or coach is someone who is willing to guide and help you develop the necessary skills for success and growth. For career growth, it is best advised to choose a mentor who has grown in your field. He or she has passed through stages which you are currently on and can share experiences and lessons on how to do it best.

  1. Learn Everyday

Learning is Living. A new day presents an opportunity to learn something new. New information emerges often across different career fields. What you learnt in school has been improved, keep yourself updated, learn new words. You can do short courses online relating to your career field, this will help you remain relevant.

  1. Network

Networking creates an opportunity for you to interact and meet with people who you may not have the opportunity of meeting randomly. So instead of spending time on your phone during break sessions at an event, walk up to people and interact smartly with them. If they are in the same profession as you, ask them questions pertaining your field or exchange ideas you have. Ahead of the event, once you are familiar with the events theme, document your questions and come ready. You can also find out more about the guest speakers coming for the event and ask them intelligent questions.

  1. Invest in Your future

The time we have been waiting for is finally here Drum rolls!!!!! This cannot be over emphasized! Before you spend, invest then save! You should create a portion every month from your finances to invest in your future. While wait until your retirement age before you start investing in yourself. Investment saves you the stress of having a regrettable future and gives you the luxury of affording the lifestyle you desire for yourself and your family. One example of how to successfully invest in your future is with Sigma Pensions RSA (Retirement Savings Account) Fund. This fund scheme helps you save towards your retirement. It’s amazing what a little consistent naira payments can do once you add it all up monthly and yearly in anticipation of your retirement! You can open a free account here and start your journey to building wealth. Don’t wait to start saving for a better life in retirement.

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