Dress for Success- What to wear to a job interview

Probably the most overused phrase in job hunting but the most underutilised by job seekers, ‘’dress for success’’ should be every job seeker’s tagline.  This is because, in job hunting, first impressions are crucial. A potential employee will make an impression of you within seven seconds.

You are there to market a product; ‘’yourself’’ to a potential employer and the first thing the employer sees when greeting you is your attire, and this is why you must make every effort to have the proper dress for the type of job you are seeking.

Are we saying dressing good will get you the job? Definitely not, but it will give you a competitive edge and a great first impression.  An employee with brilliant ideas is great but being the employee with the total package is an added advantage. According to a 2017 survey of business leaders published by the Centre of Professional Excellence at York College of Pennsylvania, two-thirds said that when it comes to getting ahead, image makes a major impact.

For a job interview, the following is recommended;

Dress appropriately– Usually, the safest option will be to dress conservatively. However, dress codes vary within different organisations. It is therefore imperative to research on the dress code for the company to understand if they are a corporate, business casual or creative office. This will influence the choice of outfit. For the females wearing a dress or skirt, make sure the hem extends below your fingertips, preferably to the knee. For the mean, avoid ripped jeans.

Informal clothing may hurt in negotiations. In a study reported in December 2014 in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, male subjects wore their usual jeans while others were placed in a suit or in sweats. Then they engaged in a game that involved negotiating with a partner. Those who dressed up obtained more profitable deals.

For shoes, clean and polished shoes are advised. The most important thing is to ensure they are comfortable and that you can walk. You don’t want to stumble on this important day.

Well-groomed hairstyle- Ladies’ hair should be neatly packed and tidy. Men should endeavour to get a clean cut and comb the hair properly.

Cleaned and trimmed fingernails– Nails should be properly clean and well-trimmed.

Minimal cologne or perfume- Avoid perfumes that have very strong scents, subtle fragrances are preferable. Avoid

No gum, candy, or other objects in your mouth- Ensure your breath is fresh, popping a mint in your mouth before the interview is advisable. Avoid chewing gum at all costs.

Minimal jewellery– Jewellery should be minimal and not flashy and flamboyant.

Finally, check your attire in the restroom just before your interview for a final check of your appearance — to make sure your tie is straight, your hair is combed, and you look your best

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