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Celebrating #TheSWoman in the Informal Sector


Nigeria’s informal sector supports economic growth and also provides livelihood to millions of families in the country. In this International Women’s Month, we celebrate the sterling performance and resilience of women who work in this sector.

With a population of 150 million, 70% of women in Nigeria reside and work in rural areas.[1] Most of these jobs are home-based and concentrated in the areas of small-scale entrepreneurship and traditional sectors, which primarily includes retail and service.

According to the World Bank, women in the informal sector generate 40% of the total urban income. Operating from home often allows women to satisfy time competing demands as they balance housework and other responsibilities.

A few of the qualities of #TheSWoman is her strength, bravery and resilience to aspire for her dreams and her fearlessness in its pursuit. These women showcase such qualities; from that woman selling tomatoes at the corner of the road to the woman who toils with her hands so that her children can get an education and get a fair chance in life.

They not only contribute to national development by creating employment opportunities in their own way, promoting income generation in the economy, they inspire us all. These women, through their sacrifices, determination and hard work remind us all that there is a Hero in all of us.

Though you might appear invisible and largely unrecognized to the world, we see you, we appreciate you and we commend your efforts.

We rise by lifting each other up and together, we can Press for Progress.

[1] Federal Office of Statistics 2006 Report-

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