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The road to adulthood typically involves achieving economic self-sufficiency, living independently, and pursuing a successful career. The Nigerian labour market is a thriving entity as both those in the formal and informal sectors daily contribute their quota to ensure a stable economy.

Almost everyone has that story of settling for a job role way different from what they originally studied in school. Looking back on our lives, most people had specific ideas on their career choices which if compared to what they are doing today is like night and day. Sometimes it’s the economic situation and at times, passion takes its toll on us.

This may be as a result of early work experiences such as internships, summer and part-time jobs allowing us to explore other interests, exposing us to the expectations of the workplace, connecting us with mentors, and providing us with opportunities to learn hard and soft skills. Next thing we know, we have taken a detour and ended up on a brand new path.


The Sigma Pensions #HowDidIGetHere campaign celebrates Nigerian workers who have either maintained their path or have embraced a detour in their career paths but have come to love what they do regardless.

The campaign celebrates hardworking, resilient, brave Nigerians who have forged on testing new waters and making a huge success out of seemingly odd jobs. This is the DNA of the Nigerian man or woman, young or old, educated or illiterate.

To every Nigerian out there giving their very best all day, every day and excelling in an alternate field and to those who stuck it out in their initial career choices and path, we salute you on this special day for all the hard work that you do, toiling tirelessly to deliver your best.

On this workers’ day, we are reminded that no labour is undignified as long as it is done with GREAT EFFORT, HARD WORk, PASSION, and SACRIFICE.

Happy Workers’ Day.

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