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To ease the task of finding out what works and what doesn’t, here are 10 career secrets that are sure to drive your career forward.

When new in a company, always accept that happy hours, coffee or lunch invitations. Declining these invitations bluntly, regardless of the reason, would end up making you feel left out, creates an impression that you are an inadvertent outsider or you could get tagged a ‘snub.’ Also, never put your colleagues or office folks on low priority.

Even the most hard working and dedicated employees fail to get on top, since they commit the grave mistake of taking up too much of work and tend to appear exhausted every time, thus, appearing stressed-out, which infers that you aren’t ready to take up more. By implication, you would miss- out on opportunities coming your way.

As you climb up, the future of your success path is all about taking up unassigned responsibilities and tasks. Simply put, anyone who made it successfully through the hiring process can complete the assigned jobs, but remember it always requires one to go that extra mile to take up that assigned work and wind it up within the stipulated timeframe.

Help your colleagues even if it does not appear beneficial to you. This is because it won’t take much of your energy or time in answering the queries of people, offering referrals, etc. even if it gives nothing in return. But remember, all these efforts are sure to pay-off in the long run.

Understand your weaknesses, as these are your dead spots. This is the reason it becomes imperative to determine all your weaker points and work towards overcoming these. Of course, you might need assistance of others here, so don’t hesitate in asking the same.

When you intend to learn a skill, it is advisable to seek out help from experts having the desired skill sets.

You should always focus on making a huge impact. The quicker you make an impact, the more support and attention you would attract from others. Millennials as we know crave for faster results and thus, they would never want to wait for five or six long years to get onboard a project that has the potential of taking them places. Therefore, from day one itself, you ought to be on your toes and try as much as possible to master the job in order to grab bigger projects. This would kick-start your career in the right path and you would enjoy a steady hike in pay, position, and not to forget, the incentives that await you.

Never commit the serious mistake of looking up always, because looking sideways can help greatly as well. Yes, people with diverse work experience are the ones to climb the success ladder faster. So you see, diversity holds the key to reaching new heights.

Always make the job for the next folks easier. For instance, if working with a team, ensure to make the workflow easier and smoother for the people who would be executing the next steps to drive the project further efficiently.

Time and efforts in improving your communication skills is never a waste of time. So grab every opportunity. Invest your time and efforts in online resources, workshops and books to master your communication. Poor communication skills breed a number of workplace problems and good communication skills on the other hand, helps resolve them.

Last but not the least; spend more time with the people and not with gadgets or technology. Soft skills are doomed to become the most valued skills in organizations in the near future and thus, it is crucial to put aside that gadget and start communicating with folks.

Companies hire people not technology, always remember that!


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