No one ever believes they can be the weakest link on their team but do any of these scenarios feel relatable? While your boss seems to be laughing with other employees, do you get the sterner side? or Everyone on the team has been given a new task or project to work on, do you get the “when something comes up, we will give you” reply or do your teammates rarely ever ask for your input in their work? or are the people who got employed after you getting promoted before you? or every time you volunteer to work, do they tell you not to worry that it is handled? or you just don’t know what is going on in the company with all the inside conversations and jokes? Breaking News, YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK.

This might be a bitter pill to swallow because as they say the truth is always bitter but do not take it as a means to look down on yourself or give up in fact this is the time you have something to prove. Let’s run down on various ways you can evade the weakest link status and start giving your colleagues a run for their money.

  • Step out of the denial: Stop making excuses and own up to the fact that you are the weakest link. Use this opportunity to start making plans towards changing your colleague’s outlook towards you.
  • Meet with your boss or superior: Meeting with your boss/superior will open your eyes to all the areas you have been lacking and possibly the ways you can make up for it. Your boss/superior employed you for a reason so he/she can provide insights to how you can go back to the drawing board and come back blazing.
  • Where’s your enthusiasm: At this point, you might have lost the zeal you initially had to work but to change your colleague’s outlook, you need to increase your energy and commitment to work. Your attitude or expression should not become sad when you hear the statement “We have work for you”. Show more enthusiasm and be willing to work.
  • Build up your skills: Your colleagues are already thinking in 2030 but you are still balancing in 2016 with your backdated ideas and contributions, it is safe to say that you need to brush up on those skills and take a class or a short course to be on the same level or even surpass your colleagues.
  • Always be ready: at this point, take every colleague as friendly competition and be 10 steps ahead. Come for every meeting equipped and ready to drop value-adding contributions and ideas. Make this a priority always.
  • Learn: You know your process is not working for you so do not be afraid to shadow an employee that is thriving in the office. Learn from how this person operates and try to implement that in your work life as well.

These points are not exhaustive and that is where you come in to find out more and do more to avoid being the weakest link. It is a new year so you shouldn’t be caught slacking in any way. Let’s endeavour to make it a year to remember.

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