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At six years old, we all were just kids running around on the playground, longing for our favourite ice cream and totally oblivious to what the world had to offer. This however isn’t the case for Ryan please include surname; the six-year-old multi-millionaire who made a whooping sum of $11 million dollars from his toy review channel on YouTube this year.

It is no news that YouTube is a major marketing tool. However, Ryan with the support of his parents has been able to build a solid business around the platform. It all began a few years ago when Ryan asked his parents to set up a YouTube channel for him as he loved watching other toy review channels.

Like any new venture, it had its initial difficulties as nobody watched his videos. Things however took a turn when he reviewed more than 100 toys from the Pixar Car Series and it went viral. The rest they say is history as Ryan is presently the eighth most successful YouTube influencer on the planet with a video attracting more than a billion views on YouTube.

The noteworthy lesson from Ryan’s story would be that it never really matters how little we begin as a start-up as long as we forge ahead in the pursuit of our dreams. What are your dreams and aspirations? Don’t hold back from asking for and accepting support. You just have to make that move.

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